Crawling Walls

 New Mexico Garage Psych


All lyrics ©1985 Bob Fountain

Voxx VXS200.030

Lolita 5043 (French reissue)

1. Fly Tonight

We're gonna fly tonight
Because the stars are bright.
Wanna see the sights, gonna fly tonight
So I can look around
Don't want to touch the ground until daylight

Gonna fly, gonna go up high until the clouds are just a distant sigh
Let's go there, just you and I, alright?
Gonna try to find the reason why the sun is always in my eye
When I'm looking at a cloudy sky at night

When we fly up high, you try to hide your thoughts behind your eyes
But I can see the light inside, it's brighter than the sun
When you try to guide me through the darkness, I'm electrified
You can fly beside me and the two of us are one

2. Inner Limits also here, with a really cool video

A swollen moon in blackened sky
A glimmer in a sunken eye
A lonely tune, forgotten cry
A passing thought …

In a minute, bright wil be the sun
Shadows glint, and light and dark are one
Then the cynic cautions me to stay
Inner limits, holding me away

To the center, falling as I run
In the winter, calling for the sun
The sinner mimics everything I say
Inner limits, holding me away

3. The Brain That Wouldn't Fry

Went to a party, just the other night
Inside a big house with a purple light
Psychedelic day glow, was an eerie sight

Heard a strange music from the other room
The D.T.s were playin' another twisted tune

It wouldn't fry. It couldn't die.
It was the brain that wouldn't fry
It was the thing that couldn't die

I saw this weird thing sittin' on the shelf
Had to look twice, thought I saw mice elf
Gave me a shiver with a cold like I never felt

It was a brain, but not just any brain
Undergrown, acid blown, just a bit insane

It was the brain that wouldn't fry
It wouldn't fry!

4. She's So Wild

Listen to me now, don't know what to do
'Cause little girl, I'm in love with you
You've been runnin' 'round with someone new
And now you're leavin' me, and baby, am I blue
Baby, I'm so blue

She was a trial. She had no style.
She never smiled. She's just a child.
But she's so wild
So why do I need her lovin' so?

I don't know why, she's runnin' 'round with other guys
I gave her all I had to give. She gave me the will to live.
But now she's gone and I'm alone, said she's never comin' home
She's gone for good, there's no denial, that baby, she's so wild

5. Go-Go '85


6. One Last Kiss

Here I lie in a pool of swirling colors
And it's not so cruel, now the pain is duller
All I see is a cloud and a bed of clover
Tell me, if you will, is it really over
And I'm asking this: give me one last kiss

Now the air is thin and the sun is glaring
This is where I begin to stop all caring
Well, I'm rising high, and the fabric's tearing
But I'm finding why all the threads were baring
And it goes like this: give me one last kiss

I don't wanna go, girl I need you so
Baby, can't you see what you mean to me
Won't you hold me tight, don't you let me go
Won't forget your sight, baby, no no no!

All I ask is this: give me one last kiss

7. Day Glow

You come into the room and then you say
You don't love me and so you'll go away
You think I'll start to fall apart again
"But no!" I scream, "you're just a dream!" and then
That's when it all goes day glow

You come once more although the door is closed
I smell your hair and touch beneath your clothes
You think that I believe you're back again
"But no!" I scream, "you're just a dream!" and then
That's when it all goes day glow

Just when I think that this is finally over
You say that you still want to be my lover
But when I say I'll take you back again
"No way!" you say, "I'm just a dream" and then
That's when it all goes day glow

That's when it all goes …

8. Tell Me Why

I don't want the same explanation
It doesn't sound so good to me
I don't want to deal with frustration
It's harder than it used to me

I don't want to hear the same old reasons
'Cause they don't sound so good to me
I don't want to know how to be one
I just want to learn to be

Tell me why. Tell me why. Tell me:
Why the darkness must be feared
Why it's not as it appears
Why the answer isn't clear
Why the end is never near

I don't want to see the flag you're waving
It's not the one it used to be
I don't want to hear your idle raving
'Cause listen, it's no good to me

9. Run Inside

Better run, run inside in time
Before you lose what's left of your mind
Go on in, once in there you'll find
You can see, even though you're blind
Better run inside in time
Turn inside your mind

Any way you look, you know you're looking out
Anything you took, you took in doubt
Anything you do, you can do without
If you're passing through, you're just passing out
Run inside in time
Turn inside your mind

It doesn't matter now, how far you want to go
It doesn't matter now, how deep you want to grow
It doesn't matter now, how much you want to know
Just look inside and you'll see where we are, and where we'll go

10. Falling Away

Infinite colors surrounding your face
Seventeen highways all lead to one place
Pages of handwritten insects that crawl
Into your mind as you stare at the wall

Voices are rainbows as pale as a breath
Visions of living and omens of death
Whispering lizards cannot tell a lie
Look in the whirlpool and see past the eye

The mirror is crying, it's feeling my pain
The cloulds in the ceiling are starting to rain
I'm crawling the walls, but I can't get away
They murmur and tremble and will me to stay

Look in the distance, the colors are grey
We feel no resistance as night becomes day
Look at the walls, how they crawl and they sway
I can't see them now, 'cause they're falling away

11. Bittersweet Days

Painful awakenings in the night
Shards of light invade our slumber
Few in number, fingers bright
Grasp our minds, our souls in wonder

Drift awake, and truth evades us
Dawn has made us to endure
A love as pure as morning sunlight
Darkened by our earthly tenure

Autumn days with summer moments
Our love ferments and comes of age
Spiced with sage, and wisely reasoned
Life is seasoned with bittersweet days


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